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how to change a diaper
Change a diaper

Another thing parents are sometimes self-conscious of is changing their baby’s diaper. Most of them feel comfortable with the idea of changing a diaper.

It’s simple. Open diaper. Clean mess. Close diaper. 

But for lots of reasons, the diaper changes often go awry with poop and pee ending up everywhere. Parents feel embarrassed and sometimes defeated. 

So I decided to include this information in my Newborn Care Series. For all you first timers out there, here’s some tips for changing a diaper that will make you look like a pro.

1. Just let them finish

I think a lot of parents are apt to change a diaper right away when it’s dirty. You don’t want poop sitting on your baby’s bottom, possibly causing a diaper rash. Good on you. But sometimes I think it’s better to wait just a few more minutes before getting started.

Chances are, they are in the middle of something big. So give it a few minutes before jumping in there to change the diaper

2. Give them a little push

how to change a diaper
Knees to chest

This kind of goes along with the “let them finish” aspect. Sometimes if you help them out by pushing their knees up toward their stomach, you can get a really nice extra surprise. 😉

What often happens is you pull their legs up while try to wipe them and that pushes on their stomach. ALL THE POO comes out and you’re caught by surprise. Don’t get caught by surprise. Help them get it all out.

3. Put a second diaper under the dirty diaper

How to change a diaper
Clean diaper waiting

The best advice I can give is to put a clean diaper ready to go underneath the dirty diaper. 

Take care of the mess in the dirty diaper and when you’re done, pull it out and immediately close the fresh diaper!

I have seen so many people finish cleaning up their mess, pull away the dirty diaper, and then take precious seconds grabbing and unfolding a new diaper only to get pooped or peed on!

The more time your baby is naked, the bigger the risk of a surprise mess! & trust me when I tell you, it DOES happen!

4. Keep the diaper closed

I see a lot of parents open the diaper and then go pulling out the wipes they need to clean the mess. Or grabbing another diaper or other random thing they need.

Don’t do this.

Check to see what kind of mess you have, then close the diaper and get your wipes before opening the diaper again. You will save yourself from many a disaster just by doing this one simple thing. They will inevitably pee or poop on you if you leave the diaper open!

5. Be careful with stimulation

How to change a diaper
Wiping the butt

OK, so babies just poop everywhere to be honest. & again, if they aren’t done, you can end up with a mess on your hands (and the blankets, and changing table, and carpet or walls, if you’re not careful!).

Know this: sometimes wiping a baby’s butt stimulates them to poop MORE.

So either be prepared for that by having a second diaper laying out (as pictured) or some towels you don’t mind getting dirty, or just keep waiting!

6. DON’T get your face too close

Sometimes I find myself with my face right in line with a baby’s butt trying to get all of the mess up. Don’t make that mistake! You just never know when things are going to explode.

I hope you feel more equipped to change a diaper now! If you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Newborn Care Series!

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