Thoughts of Pregnant Women

thoughts of pregnant women
thoughts of pregnant women

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Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing things a woman can go through.

You’ve gone along your whole life, mostly independent, when all of a sudden, you’re staring down the inevitability that someone will now be depending on you!

Not only is your life changing, but so is your body. You’re experiencing so many things you’ve never felt before. 

The thoughts of pregnant women tend to mirror these changes. Chances are very good you’ve said or thought some variation of these things. Hope this gives you a little laugh!

“I think I might put extra deodorant on today because it is SO HOT!!!!”

I literally have had to put deodorant in the cleavage under my butt. & trust me it was not an easy feat!! But I was thankful I did it later in the day when I started having hot flashes! 

“Good thing I’m wearing a pantyliner/maybe I should look into adult diapers.”

I remember the first time I peed my pants. I was sitting on the couch and I sneezed and then all of a sudden, I was suddenly sitting in my own urine. 

It’s been even more rough lately because the reflux is getting stronger and causing me to cough all the time! I have really really really thought about buying adult diapers. 

“I can’t wait until my vagina smells and feels normal again.”

Supposedly a pregnant woman’s heightened sense of smell is the reason we all feel that we smell all the time, not because we have actually gotten worse smelling. 

Not sure if I believe that, but still. & if you’re not peeing your pants already, chances are you’ve begun wearing a pantyliner anyway because there’s just toooo much stuff ruining all your good underwear!

My throat is on fire!

“My throat is burning!!”

I had acid reflux before I got pregnant, so it’s only gotten worse. Even now, taking max strength Zantac, I still have moments where I have burning up to the back of my throat! Tums is obviously my friend!

“Can it be my due date yet??”

It seems like the waiting is forever, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. You have been feeling the baby kick, and have probably picked out a name, and you’re just ready to see your little miracle by now!! 

“It looks like I’ll only be wearing flip flops from now on.”

I remember before we went on our baby moon to DC that I went to the shoe store to get some tennis shoes. I live in Florida, so we really don’t wear tennis shoes. I went alone, and it was probably the stupidest mistake I could make!

There was almost no way to reach my feet without heavy breathing and grunting. Even now, I struggle to put on my compression socks in the morning, but they’re so worth it. I have my husband take them off for me at the end of the day!

“My back hurts.”

This is pretty much a universal complaint throughout pregnancy. I spent 30 minutes walking around Walmart without my belly band today before deciding it was time to go home and kick my feet up.

“My hips hurt.”

My hips have been hurting since the first trimester. Relaxin is no joke! I had to find ways to cope with hip pain early on, but it plagues us all, even when we know how to deal!

“My butt hurts.”

Maybe you haven’t had this pain, but many of us experience SI joint pain or sciatica and it SUCKS. You’re just walking along and then all of a sudden you’re limping! Ergh.

“My boobs hurt.”

I mean, these babies are preparing for breast feeding, so… they just hurt. 

“My boobs are SO BIG.”

You probably bought a couple new bras, too!

“I’m never going back to a real bra!”

If you were wearing an underwire bra and went to a non-wired or t-shirt bra, you’re probably thinking the same thing I am. I seriously don’t want to go back! These are soooooo much more comfortable!

“Try not to lose it when someone asks you “insert question here” for the hundredth time!”

Ahhh, yes. The inevitable slew of questions. How are you feeling? How much longer? What are you having? What’s the name? Are you ready? Are you nervous?

We know they’re all just being nice and trying to be supportive, but some days we just wanna hand out a sheet of paper with all our answers so everyone gets the information all at once!

thoughts of pregnant women
Thoughts of pregnant women

“Stretch marksssssssss. Waaaahhhh!”

You’re either blessed, or not. & I personally am not. First it was the boobs, and then it was the belly. I mean the second trimester just exploded everything and there I was with these purple tracks all over the underside of my belly. Ahh, well. I own it – I’m making a baby here, after all.

“This baby is going to be a tap dancer!”

By the third trimester, you’re feeling the baby kick – a lot.

My good friend who is incidentally two weeks behind me in her pregnancy keeps talking about her baby boy tap dancing on her cervix. Now there’s a funny image for you. 

“I’m not ready!!!”

If you don’t have a single thing for your baby and you’re already in the third trimester, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Those nesting instincts will kick in and you’ll have everything you need by the time the baby comes.

“People better not piss me off today…”

With all the hormones running around your body, it’s bound to happen to even the most docile woman. Impatience can strike us all. & the lady at the front desk of the OB better not get me started. *ahem*

“I really want some *insert particular food here*”

Honestly, I have just wanted sweets my whole pregnancy. Nothing crazy. But many people do have cravings now and then. What’s yours??

“Can it be my due date already??????????????????”

& there it is again! I’m uncomfortable and I’m ready to meet this darling little thing! Hurry up!!

“I’m really really nervous…”

Yep. That’s me. Facing down the unknown. I’m terrified of course! But I just hope that it will all go just fine and the end result is we get our healthy bundle of joy 😀

What about you? Any other thoughts you want to share??

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