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I have already bought so much stuff for my pregnancy. It’s hard to know how much more stuff I need to buy!

I am very much a fan of lists. They make everything seem doable. So I made one to help me and you figure out what we need!

So download my free pregnancy checklist rights here and follow along!

Items You Need During Pregnancy

Nausea defense tactic –
If you’re still in your first trimester and having nausea, chances are you’ve been looking for something to help. I honestly can’t give too much advice here because I was only ever nauseous. Dramamine Non-Drowsy and ginger ale worked for me, as well has keeping food on my stomach. Share your solutions in the comments for your fellow pregnant mates!

Water bottle 
It’s super important to stay hydrated during pregnancy! Whether it’s plain water, or flavored, make sure you’re getting enough. If a cute water bottle helps you remember to drink up, go for it!

Comfy clothes 
I was barely pregnant when I decided to buy maternity jeans! I’ve also been wearing a lot of “yoga” pants, too. Comfortable clothes are just one of a number of things we shouldn’t live without. Next up for me is maternity scrubs!

Comfy pillow
Whether it’s a pregnancy pillow or just your favorite ratty old pillow, don’t go without! With all the changes your body is going through, get as much comfort as you can.

Heating pad – 
This heating pad has done wonders for me. I’ve had so much trouble with my back and hips that it has caused trouble sleeping lately. My heating pad is one of the only things that helps. It’s also helpful for those of you who’ve got bad round ligament pain. The nice thing is, they’re pretty inexpensive!

Information folder – 
I don’t know about you, but my OB office loaded me down with papers at my first visit. I’m also getting notices in the mail for bills due. If you’re like me and are slightly unorganized, get a 50 cent folder and keep important stuff in it for peace of mind. 

Comfy bras 
Anyone notice a theme here? I’m all about comfort. My old underwire bra was probably the FIRST thing to go when my boobs started growing. Most days I wear a thin bra with no lining and I’m so happy. On days when I need a little more coverage, I wear a soft nursing bra. Bonus here is you might be able to use it later if you get one that’s big enough!

Pantyliners – 
I know I’m not the only one who has noticed an increase in stuff down there. It can be pretty annoying. Save your undies – get some pantyliners!

Home Doppler 
At first I kind of rolled my eyes at the thought of getting a Doppler. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but it seems a little overkill, like a lot of things these days. But then I realized that my husband was probably not going to hear the baby’s heartbeat any time soon (this was around 12 weeks) because I didn’t want him taking time off work to go to minor appointments. We bought a cheap one from Wish, but there are a ton of options on Amazon. It was worth the investment!

Baby name books/apps – 
This has been one of the funnest parts of pregnancy for me. Imagining names that I’d call my future son was just… interesting! We finally settled on a first name with the help of several apps and websites. We are still looking for a middle name, though! Try some of these:

Body lotion – 
Is it possible to prevent stretch marks? Who knows? But it’s worth a try. Grab a nice lotion and slather it on. I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, but I have to be careful because my dog thinks it smells delicious!

Prenatal vitamins 
If you have to take vitamins for nine months, I say make sure it’s one you like. Personally, I buy the cheap version from Wal-Mart. They’re $7/month and they don’t bother my stomach.

Antacid of choice – 
Ahh, heartburn, my old friend. It’s gotten so much worse. I never thought I’d be taking 300mg of Zantac every day, but here we are. I also favor Tums for breakthrough heartburn.

Compression socks 
Compression socks are great for so many things – preventing varicose veins, reducing swelling, and preventing tired feet and legs. I luckily already have a couple pairs that I wear to work now and then when I’m doing a couple shifts in a row. You can get really cute ones on Amazon!

Camera – 
A cell phone camera is probably enough to take progress pictures. But just make sure you’ve got what you want to help you save the memories!

Belly support band
Guys, I just got one of these and I barely have a baby belly yet (ahem, it’s just mostly still a food belly). But as soon as I put it on my lower back felt so much better! **Update!: This is my absolute favorite thing in the third trimester. It’s the only thing getting me through work. I lost mine and had to buy a new one because I couldn’t live without it!**

Pregnancy tracking app – 
I personally recommend the What To Expect app and the Glow Nurture app. Glow is pretty fun because you can read through the community and see what people are going through and even add your own advice if you have it. 

What’s one thing on this list that you can’t live without? For me it’s all about the comfy stuff! Let me know what you think – did I forget something you think is essential? Comment below!

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  1. For nausea/sickness, Lemonade- Preggie Pops- and Diclegis. I threw up sooooo much with both pregnancies so I always kept something on hand!

    Baby Center is a decent app- there is a “Birth Club” you can join with people who are due the same month as you just to get a feel for what others are dealing with and how they are coping. It’s really informative but be warned there are some “those people really exhist” types on there. I found it helpful once I had my first baby because I could ask questions and see a variety of solutions that I would have never thought of! <3 Good luck!

    1. I never threw up. A couple times I wanted to, but never actually did. I used mints and ginger.
      Thanks for the tips!

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