Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist – Hospital Bag

This post was updated on January 31, 2019.

hospital bag
hospital bag

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In part one of my pregnancy checklist, I discussed all sorts of things you might need to make your pregnancy go a little smoother.

The second part of this list includes things you need while you’re in labor. This part of the list might be better known as “what to pack in your hospital bag” or “hospital go bag.”

Of course, I haven’t given birth yet, but I spent some time thinking of all the things I’d want, and I even asked my sisters and a few friends what they would include. 

So without further ado, here’s part 2 of my ultimate pregnancy checklist. 

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Items you need in your hospital bag

I mean, it’s 2018. You need your phone for all sorts of things. Distraction, texting, taking pictures… Don’t forget this!

If you’re not planning to get an epidural right away, you might want to consider dancing, and for dancing, you need music! Even if you are getting an epidural, you can still listen to music. You might even want some meditation music to help you labor. 

Personally, I was too busy trying to sleep for music, but I probably would have liked it during the daytime.

Dressing gown
Believe me when I tell you, if you don’t already know: hospital gowns are ugly. You’re going to want something that looks decent when you’re sitting there in all your glory trying to poo after all those pain meds. 😉 The nice thing is, they’re mostly cheap and super cute. 

I bought two of this gown and I’m glad I did. It has access points in the front and back and the straps snap together for easy breastfeeding. I bought a dark one to labor and deliver in so that if it got ruined you wouldn’t be able to tell. I bought a pretty floral one for afterwards. I wore them when we got home, too. It was just easy.

Flip-flops – 
Oh trust me, you WILL get a pair of red hospital socks that are about as stylish as Neville Longbottom’s grandmother. But just a word of advice, use your flip flops in the shower, and pretty much everywhere else you might go. It’s pretty much a college dorm community bathroom situation. Sure, you get a private bathroom, but who knows how well those shower floors were washed (or what was on them)?

The hospital literally did not have pillows for me or my husband. We were glad to have brought four pillows with us. The nurse kept saying, “I’m gonna try to find you a pillow,” but it just never happened. Be wise, bring them!

Toothbrush/toothpaste – 
If you want toothpaste that actually has a flavor, and a toothbrush that actually cleans, don’t forget your own! Let me tell you brushing my teeth felt like being at the spa after delivery. Sooo nice.

Hair brush/hair ties – 
Chances are you’ll want to put your hair up when you’re laboring. & don’t forget your hairbrush to spruce yourself up for all those pictures everyone will want to take of you.

hospital bag
hospital bag

Makeup – 
If you’re planning on selfies, or plain old pictures taken by someone with a camera, don’t forget your makeup if you don’t want anyone seeing you without it!

Personally, I didn’t bring makeup. I regret it only because the newborn photographer got some pretty awful pictures of me that I just don’t want to ever see again. But on the other hand, if Carrie Underwood can do selfie with no makeup on after delivery and let the whole world see, I figure no makeup for me was just fine.

Old undies – 
Yeah, you’ll get some fancy schmancy mesh underwear from the hospital, but some people just want their own. If you’ve got some old ones you don’t mind getting, um, dirty, then bring them!

There’s just not enough room for all the pads in your normal underwear. Skip these and use the mesh ones, for sure.

My hospital had room service but it wasn’t too awesome and it was only available until a certain time. I woke up on several occasions in the middle of the night starving and Fig Newtons and Goldfish saved me!

The snacks were also helpful for my husband when he didn’t feel like leaving to go get food.

Receiving blankets – 
Unless you want the standard white blanket with a blue stripe, bring some receiving blankets to wrap your newborn in! Plus, you need to get in some swaddle practice with a pro (your nurse) at your side to give you some tips! Trust me, there are so many more (cute & adorable) options these days! 

Going home outfit – 
You’ll probably want two outfits in different sizes in case your baby is abnormally small or large. Take your time choosing an outfit; this is one you’ll remember for a long time! Don’t forget normal outfits too. Bring plenty in case your baby spits up or gets poop on them.

Car seat
You have to have a car seat in order to go home. Most places wont even let you carry your baby out unless he/she is in a car seat. Make sure the base is properly installed in your car before hand. & make sure you know how to safely fasten your newest addition into the car seat!

Camera – 
I included this item in every section of this list because I think it’s so important to capture all the memories!!

Any experienced mommas out there wanna give their input? Any FTMs wanna tell us what you’re bringing in their hospital bag that I didn’t include? Let us know in the comments!

hospital bag
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