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baby registry

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It’s here! The last part of my pregnancy checklist – everything you need after your baby goes home – all things to put on your baby registry!

First let me start by saying there are a ton of places you can register. Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Babylist… Take a look and choose the one that’s right for you, or start a registry at all the places!

I chose Amazon for the simple fact that I’ve got Amazon Prime, and I know many other people do as well. It’s easier for my people to purchase from my list with free shipping and Amazon Points if they’ve got the Amazon Credit Card.

But nevertheless – you’re here to find out what to include in your list so here goes nothing! Don’t forget to download my free printable so you can follow along!

Items you need on your baby registry

Nursing pads/bra –
Don’t be shy about putting stuff like this on your registry. Your friends who are already moms know how important these things are. I bought my nursing bras early because I couldn’t stand to wear a “real” bra anymore! Soo awesome. Nursing pads are going to be vital unless you want everyone knowing you’re leaking!

Baby bottles
My best advice for you on bottles is to try and get as many samples as you can. Register for a few different kinds. When it comes time to actually use the bottles, start with the samples first – you just never know what bottle/nipple your baby is going to like best. I know this from first hand experience in the NICU! Anything they don’t like can be returned – problem solved!

Diapers/wipes –
Diapers and wipes are another area of personal preference to your baby. Register for a few different brands. If sensitive skin runs in your family, you’ll need to stay away from certain diaper brands & wipes with extra chemicals in them. If your baby has no problem with sensitive skin, then you’ve got a few different types to try out and decide which you like best!

Nursing pillow
There are a couple different pillow types to try, but I prefer the Boppy. It is great for bottle feeding and general baby holding as well. Our NICU moms love the Boppy because it makes breastfeeding a little easier and less tiresome for the arms. Whatever kind you choose, a nursing pillow is a GREAT thing to have.

baby registry
baby registry

Maternity pads
Again – don’t be shy about putting things you need on your registry. You need some maternity pads for after delivery, whether you have a vaginal delivery or C-section.

Baby blankets/clothes –
Can’t wait to play dress-up with my boy! πŸ˜‰ There are cute blankets every where I look, and the materials come in lots of different options as well. A word of advice, if you’re putting clothes on your registry, try and match the age range with the season of the year. Otherwise, you’ll end up with clothes your baby just can’t wear.

You’ve got a few options for a crib these days. There are convertibles, minis, and regular cribs. I thought for a long time about getting a mini crib to save space, but decided against it in the end. Don’t forget crib sheets as well! Again, tons of options out there and they aren’t all that expensive!

Think about yourself when choosing a stroller. Personally, I’m not very strong and I’m pretty lazy (let’s face it). So I chose the lightweight and SUPER easy to fold Graco stroller (the Snugrider Elite). I can just snap the car seat right in and go. Some people might choose the heftier option that also has the built in seat for when the baby gets older. To each her own! Best advice I can give is to actually go to a store and test some out!

Rocking chair/glider
I believe these are a total necessity. This may at one point be the only way you can get your baby to sleep. A nice chair is also a big comfort to you when you’re aching and tired. I bought mine a few months back and have been sitting in it almost every day! I love it. The plain grey and white one below is mine!

Baby monitor – 
Whether you just want a basic noise monitor, or you need a video monitor for peace of mind, don’t forget to register for one of these things. Especially if your baby will be spending time in another room apart from you, such as during nap time. 

Bassinet/bedside crib
I decided early on to get a bedside crib for my baby. The ease of access is a big appeal to me. Not having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pick up the baby…. yes plz.

If you plan to use them. Personally, I’m a big fan of pacifiers for those desperate times. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. *shrug*

Breast pump
Before you put a breast pump on your registry, check out Aeroflow Breastpumps. They can do all the work for you in getting you a breast pump that is paid for by your insurance. They even have extra perks that you can purchase additionally, like pump bags and extra accessories.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance doesn’t pay for a breast pump, check out all the options you have via Amazon. Consider the type of pumper you’ll be. If you’re going to exclusively pump, you probably need a hospital grade pump. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and expect to pump only sometimes, a basic pump will do.

Diaper cream
Especially if sensitive skin runs in your family, include the diaper cream on your registry. In the hospital we use a zinc-oxide based paste for basic protection, and Calmoseptine for any open skin. While you’re at it, make life easier and get a diaper cream applicator. Saves you the mess on your fingers and it’s easy to clean!

Baby lotion/soap
One of my absolute favorite things in the NICU is giving a baby a soap and water bath. We use Johnson & Johnson soap and it’s just so baby smelling. My sister used to use the lavender lotion on my niece after bedtime and that was heavenly as well. Get a scent you love and it will always remind you of bath time πŸ™‚

Nipple cream
Chapped nipples hurt. & I can say that from experience after walking around in a freezing apartment with only a big sweatshirt on all day. Ouch πŸ˜€ If that’s all it takes, imagine having a baby nomming away several times a day! If you have concerns about the cream, I’ve been told that coconut oil works well, too!

You may remember from my post about baby visitation policies that babies have very little immune system for the first three months of life. You need a thermometer to check their temperature if you have concerns about their well-being. Several options here, too. Pacifiers, temporal scanners, etc. Find one that works for you cuz you’re gonna need it!

What other must-have items do you have on your registry. Don’t have a registry, you say?? Go start one right now!!

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